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Here’s the plan: Clubland will be officially released in January of 2011, at which time it will be available at better bookstores, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  If you are on FaceBook I will be inviting you to join a Clubland page that will have info about readings, reviews, and so on, and I’d love it if you post your pictures from your own club experiences.

In the meantime, if you are really impatient (bless your heart), or you have some Holiday shopping to do, you can purchase a special preview copy by clicking here and buying direct from lulu.com, the printer of the book.

Stay tuned!

You can see the Clubland promotional slide shows here.

The first review is in!  Go to the Press page to see what Boston Groupie News thinks…

Great News!  Lewis Turco has chosen ‘Old Orchard Beach’ from Clubland to be included in  The Book of Odd and Invented Forms which has now been incorporated into The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, Fourth Edition, which will be published by the University Press of New England in the Fall of 2011.

CLUBLAND BOOK LAUNCH Friday January 28 at 6:30 pm at the Owl & Turtle bookshop 32 Washington Street Camden ME

Thanks to all who attended the book launch at the Owl & Turtle  – standing room only!  The reading was accompanied by a slideshow of rock bar images (above – old pal Phil Haynen (RIP) of the Dawgs).


On April 14 DM will read with one of his favorite writers Dawn Potter at the Rockland Library.  On April 19 DM will perform Clubland at the Bangor Public Library.  DM will be reading at the Lithgow Library in Augusta on June 30, and at the Camden Public Library on August 25.   More info to come…

Garrison Keillor will be reading ‘The Guitar Player’ on 2/22/11 and ‘The Club Manager’ on 2/26/11!

Emily Burnham wrote a wonderful piece on Clubland – you can read it here.

More great news; Clubland was included in
The Writer’s Almanac EXTRA: resources for poetry lovers and NPR is selling Clubland on their site here to benefit Public Radio!

The poem Mysterious Gift from Clubland was recently published in the Winter 2011 issue of Michigan literary magazine Third Wednesday.

Two terrific write-ups; Dana Wilde at Bangor Daily News here, and Allen Adams at the Maine Edge here!

Very psyched to have connected with Luke Rabin, the drummer, filmmaker and visionary behind FREEWAYarts. Like Clubland, it taps into the notion that the lives of musicians are compelling and mostly untold stories, and that (to mangle a quote) the only thing worse than being a musician is not being a musician. Good luck, Luke! (click on the link and check out these excellent interviews)

Dave will be reading from Clubland at the Camden Public Library on Thursday August 25 – more info to come…

DM will be taking part in the BANGOR BOOK FESTIVAL September 30 & October 1.  This looks like a great event – 33 Maine authors and illustrators in venues all over Bangor.  Learn more here.

Maine Poet Laureate Wes McNair featured ‘Closing Time’ in his Take Heart column – read it here.

The Trademarks at the Rat – Boston MA – 1981

Encore presentation of a great piece by Allen Adams – read it here.

Clubland: Second Edition will be available in stores in November 2011.  You can get a copy online here.

“It’s an intangible energy, like a harmonic, that rides a poet’s words themselves, not their arrangement, the way some guitarists’ riffs shake your blood while the riffs of even more technically capable guitarists don’t.  In Dave Morrison’s verses, the harmonics of that intangible energy vibrate stronger…”

So says journalist Dana Wilde of the Bangor Daily news in a review of Clubland: Second Edition.  He ought to know – way back when he played in a kick-ass band called the Crayons (who played with the Trademarks at the beloved Kayo’s in Portland Maine!  Small world…).  Read the whole review here.

Rockin’ A Hard Place by John Jeter

John Jeter, author and owner/manager of the Handlebar (beloved ‘listening room’, translate: rock bar) was kind enough to ask if he could put The Club Manager (Clubland) as the frontpiece of his new book Rockin’ A Hard Place.  I am, of course, honored and delighted.  This is the story of John’s leap of faith as he opens a club in Greenville SC that becomes a favorite venue for artists and fans alike.  The book is due out in the fall f 2012 – watch for it and buy it!

More info here.

You can read a piece in the Portland Press Herald here.


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